Oauth The redirect_uri must use https for security reasons



Hello please help me with this error.
When I try to authorize my app in hubspot portal I get this error

The redirect_uri must use https for security reasons.

I am getting this error only recently. I was able to do my auths without https so far. Is there something changed in hubspot policies? Is https now required? Or is there something else?


Hi @Hayk

It’s always been intended that the redirect use https, but it wasn’t originally enforced up until a change a few weeks ago.


I got this error too. So I appended the http to be https://www.hubspot.com and now I’m seeing this:
An error occurred while validating the integration authorization.
Any ideas?


@johnhodge are you seeing that error before you pick a portal? Or after picking a portal instead of getting the authorize button? Can you send me the full authorize URL you’re using?


I see that after I pick the portal. Here’s the URL I’m using:


@johnhodge can you double check the client_id that you’re using? The id you have in that URL doesn’t appear to be valid.