OAuth2 Access using grant_type: client_credentials


Reading through the forums it would seem it's not possible to get access to the API through OAuth2 without user interaction (via a redirect) to get the "code" required for an access token.

Am trying to build a service the users of which would not be the owners of the App used to access Hubspot. Is it possible to get a bearer token without using an http redirect (ala "client_credentials" flavour of OAuth2)?




Hi @gallagherrapid,

Apologies for the delayed response. This topic fell through the cracks.

You are correct. At this time, the authorization code flow is the only method supported by HubSpot APIs, so a HTTP redirect is required.

If you would like to see additional authorization flows supported, however, I recommend posting your request on the HubSpot Community Ideas Forum. This information is sent directly to our Product team and helps prioritize feature requests that have the greatest impact on our customers. I will also do my part and pass your feedback along through internal channels.