oAuth2: An error occurred while validating the integration authorization



I am currently trying to initiate an oAuth 2.0 connection using:


It asks me to choose an account, which I have 2 accounts and 1 trial type. No matter which account I select it gives me:

Request for Integration Permissions: An error occurred while validating the integration authorization.

From looking through other topics I think I’m passing in an incorrect client_id. However I’m taking a total guess at what the client_id should be.

Unique ID’s that I see in “Accounts Dashboard” are:

  1. account (which is truncated)
  2. A numeric number in the URL when going to my portal
  3. hapikey
  4. userId
  5. App ID

I’ve tried all but the account label as the client_id. Where can I find the appropriate client_id?


Hi @CFJSGeek

The client_id would be found in the details screen in an app you’ve created in HubSpot. If you haven’t already created an app, you can find instructions for doing that here:


Thanks for the reply. I just read through the instructions and already have an app setup.

However I’m not able to find the settings page it references.

When I click on the app from the dashboard it brings me to a “Marketing Dashboard”. There’s a settings on the right, but all that allows me to do is set a default date range. None of the menu items in the black bar above seem to be relevant either.

Are the settings only available during initial application creation?


Nevermind, after some more experimenting I finally figured it out.

  1. Log in to https://app.hubspot.com
  2. Click the developer portal account already created
  3. click the app name
  4. Settings screen appears.

(not very intuitive)