Oauth2 Authentication Failed



Hi , I have given the permissions on my app :- contacts+content+reports+automation+transactional-email+business-intelligence. But Still I have get this error :- Insufficient scopes were provided. Please contact the integrator.

We have all the scopes checked. We pass all the scopes in the URL : https://app.hubspot.com/oauth/4707539/authorize?client_id=135d46e5-7650-4ce6-ae71-97655ae7717f&redirect_uri=https%3A%2F%2Fdev.powermyanalytics.com%2Fconfigure%2Foauth2callbackhubspot.php&scope=automation+contacts+business-intelligence+reports


Hi @Dinesh_rawat,

The 'Insufficient scopes were provided' error occurs when you have a scope checked off in your app settings that you're not including in your authorization URL. The best approach here is to uncheck all the scopes in your app settings, then only check the ones that you absolutely require. It's ok to request scopes in your authorization URL that are not checked off in your app settings, but you must request the scopes that are checked off.