OAuth2: Cannot grant access to sales portal even though I'm admin


Scopes for the app are: Read from and write to my Contacts

Url: https://app.hubspot.com/oauth/authorize?client_id=xxxxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxxx&redirect_uri=someredirecturi&scopes=contacts

I can only grant access to the test portal. Can you guys take a look at it please? I can provide hub ids in pm if needed.

Also, which scope do include read/write to deals?

Many thanks


Hi @Tamas_Pal

If you’re seeing this with a Sales portal, it’s related to this issue:

We’re currently working on this, and should have it fixed soon.

Deals are included in the contacts scope, so you wouldn’t need additional scopes to access deals.


Thanks @dadams. Can you let us know when it’s fixed please? Thanks a lot