OAuth2 Contacts Scope == You do not have the correct role to grant these permissions



Sorry to bombard this forum with yet another thread about OAuth2 contacts scope issues but I don’t know where else to turn to get an answer.

We have an app that requests the contacts scope using the OAuth2 workflow in the link below.

Everything works fine for me (the engineer who created the app) and only me. My colleagues with superuser privileges are unable to connect, the fake account I made is unable to connect. Everyone but me gets the error below. I even created a new app and got the same error.

When I remove the contacts permission from scope, everything works fine. The problem is with the contacts permission. I have read about 15 articles on this forum and have gone through all suggestions. Everything matches on our end.

Our app ID is: 54305

Thanks in advance for the help.



You don’t seem to have chosen the corresponding scope in the URL?


Hi @davedkg

There was a general issue with the contacts scope yesterday that caused any integration to show a permissions error when trying to authorize with that scope. The issue was fixed yesterday afternoon, but if you’re still having problems authorizing apps with the contacts scope let me know.


Everything is back to normal. I consider this ticket closed.

Thanks for the help,