OAuth2 - Get user info from access token


Hi HubSpot team,

I know there is an API to get access token info here, but somehow it doesn’t follow OAuth standards (token is passed to request param, not request header). I’m wondering whether there is an endpoint to extract user info (such as email, fullname, photo, etc.), typical OAuth server usually contains a “me” endpoint, for ex: Facebook has https://graph.facebook.com/me, and Zendesk has /api/v2/users/me.json
I’ve tried to go through API Document, but couldn’t find something like that. Please let me know if I miss it somewhere.

Thank you and regards,


Hi @tvhung83

The endpoint you linked is currently the only endpoint we’d have to get info about the access token, which will include the email address of the user that created the token.


Got it, thank you, @dadams .


So, to be sure, it is not possible to get the name of the current user? Only his or her email?