Offset in all deals



Is there a way to calculate the offset so I don’t have to use cursor based pagination, and specify the pages ahead of time?


@Kate_Romano No there is not. As deals will be constantly being created and deleted the end of each page will be changed constantly.


ok, then what about the get modified deals offset? It’s not seeming to allow me to use the count up to 500.


@Kate_Romano How many is it returning to you?


@pmanca It is returning 100 even when I put 500 or anything else.


@Kate_Romano The max you can pull back is 250. I can successfully pull back the full 250 when I hit the endpoint.


can i get the Offset value in Deals if yes then how, on postman when i test deals api to get the offset value I did not get…
Reply please ASAP.


can you start a new post for this question please? And please include the call you made and the response from HubSpot

I did not get the Offset and has-more value how can i get it for Deal, not for Deal_All


In the future please start a new thread.

You are using the wrong endpoint. The endpoint you are using is for getting a single deal. You need to use the get all deal endpoint.