One common app for all type of account



I want to create one common developer app for all types of account (CRM free, Basic marketing, Professional marketing, Enterprise marketing and other accounts if I missed something) for integration. As a new user HubSpot, I am not sure how which fields to be checked in developer app (like contacts, workflows etc).
1)Please let me know which fields to be checked in developer account?
2)Also, let me know which fields to be passed in 'scope' parameter and'optional_scope' parameter in authentication URL?


Please reply. It's urgent for us.


Hi @Prasad_Satalkar1,

  1. In your developer portal, you should only check off the scopes that are absolutely required for all installations; the scopes that are checked in your developer portal must be included in the scope parameter, while unchecked scopes can be included or excluded as needed.
  2. If a scope is included in the scope parameter, it's considered required. That means that if a user tries to install your app in a portal without access to the scope you're requiring, they'll get an error.
    1. For example: If your app requires the hubdb scope, a user would be unable to install the app to a Marketing Free portal, since Marketing Free portals do not have access to HubDB.

You can find the product tiers in the following developer doc; if you want all product tiers to be able to install your app, you'll likely only want to require the contacts, timeline, and/or files scopes.