One custom module out of 8 disappeared (all identical and in a grid of flexible columns)


Hello. I’m having a really strange issue with a page I’m working on. I had 8 custom modules in a grid (2 across, 4 down) and they were working perfectly. Suddenly one of them has disappeared and now the top 6 work fine, but the bottom 2 have odd issues. Module #7 (left side, bottom) seems to have completely disappeared and even if I remove it and reinsert it, among a variety of other tests, it just doesn’t work correctly.

I am using flexible columns and inserting a custom module, although it probably isn’t necessary, I could probably just use the custom modules. I’ve seen this type of bug before, though, with somewhat different circumstances, and I feel like it’s a HubSpot bug, but would love any help. Here’s the link:

edit: I’d like to add that the styles for that particular module don’t show up, and have odd issues as well. I have no idea why.



Hi @apex,

I’m not sure I’m seeing the difference in style between the last two modules and the prior 5. Are you still experiencing this issue? Can you give me some more details on what differences you’re seeing?


Hey Derek!

All 8 modules are identical! There are some slight differences in text and links within the module, but the actual modules are the same. And they were working before. That’s why I really don’t understand why that particular module isn’t showing up anymore (module #7). Module 8 shows up in the spot you would expect module 7 to be in. The one with the “Bethany Beach, DE” text in it.

I tried removing the module and re-adding on the page and within the layout editor. Sometimes the whole bottom row will disappear, depending on the edit I make, so it just becomes a 3 row, 2 column grid, with the bottom 2 missing (even though the modules still appear to be in place with all the same information). I’m really flummoxed by this one!

Here’s the link to the page again:


EDIT: The differences are just in the “styles” section of the module. - they shouldn’t matter, though.


@Derek_Gervais Hey Derek - Forgot to tag you in my response before, but please see above. Thanks!

Also I pushed it to staging proof stage so here’s the URL:


Hi @apex,

I see; apologies, I completely missed that there was another module that was missing (I suppose that’s the issue). Viewing the page source, I can see that somehow the entire ‘missing’ module is being included inside of an <iframe> tag. I’m not entirely sure why this is happening yet, but as a quick troubleshooting step you could try removing the missing module and adding it back in.

Going forward, I’m happy to continue digging into this. However it might be best to either transition these flex columns to static groups (if this content is unlikely to change in structure frequently/dramatically) or consolidate the 8 individual flex columns in favor of one larger flex column. This could simplify the structure of your page & potentially minimize the risk of style/structure issues.


Hi @apex,

Something else I just discovered; we do have a certain level of character escaping for custom module text fields. I believe the issue is coming from the fact that you’re putting the entire iframe element in the custom module text field. You might have better luck hard coding the iframe element into the custom module, and using the text field to input the iframe source attribute, like this:


Thanks so much for the help! I just switched them to individual modules without the flex columns since they weren’t really necessary for this, and it works now.