One digital marketing campaign for hundreds of different domains


Has anyone tried to develop a way to essentially replicate a single integrated digital marketing campaign across hundreds or thousands of domains? e.g. imagine a generic plumbing site/newsletter/drop campaign/social media campaign/blog that needs to be done for Fred’s Plumbing in Fresno, Chuck’s Plumbing in Charleston, etc. etc. So each has own logo, own URL, some web personalization, but all have newsletter where only difference is banner. Assume Fred’s Hubspot CRM has a non-overlapping list of contacts than Chuck’s

Has anyone used the API to develop a front end (or know if it is even possible) where one new piece of content (newsletter., blog post, etc) could be put up for hundreds of different domains?


@dknuckey I’m not sure this forum is the best place to answer that question, your CSM might be a better option.

By different domains are they all in different portals?(by portals I mean HubSpot instances)


Thanks - I guess my question then is if I’m a marketing agency with different clients each with own URL, does that mean each is a different hubspot instance?

it’s an idea that came out of a hackathon, so there’s no CSM and we are tyring to see if there’s a platform to build on that makes the idea possible - that allows us to be a single agency, with a thousand+ different URLs for 1000+ small clients in one industry and roll out a single communication (e.g. an email campaign, blog post, social media, newsletter ) to all at the same time. If we have to have humans log into each of the 1000+ accounts to send an identical tweet from each account, then the idea is dead.

The Hubspot team couldn’t answer and our team didn’t end up with a software engineer who knows Hubspot’s API well enough to tell us.


@dknuckey do you know who from HubSpot you spoke with?

They would each have their own portal

You would have a partner portal in which would have your own contact database filled with your clients. I don’t think you would need to worry about an API at all? You can also push some content that you make to the various portals as a partner portal would have the login ability to all of them. Once again I don’t think the dev forum is the right place for this conversation. Maybe instead of a CSM I could set you up with a Partner Specialist on our side to help talk this through?


Thanks - I would love to speak to someone from the partner specialist side - the sales person I spoke to wouldn’t connect me with one as I didn’t have a website set up for the agency - and didn’t get that if it’s technically infeasible, we simply won’t start the company or will find a different platform. My cell is (202) 491 9093 and my email is


@dknuckey Ok cool, last question, where area are you based out of(Just so I can point you to the right person). I don’t need an exact address just a general location like Greater Boston Area.


SF Bay Area.

Thanks for your help. I know it’s hard when a non-techie is told to go ask her questions on the developer site, but that’s the only help I got at first.