Only pull changes for each day for each API


Is there any way to pull changes of each API by day only? For example if we pull all the contacts, I want to send the date into the API to only pull changes of the contacts for a specific date, and not have to re-pull all the contacts.

Retrieving modified information from a contact

Hi @bliegl,

You can use the 'Get recently modified contacts' endpoint to pull your contacts in order of most recently updated; you can pull them until you reach a particular time (i.e. the previous day) at which point you'll know you've pulled all updates for the day:


Thanks for the feedback.

Is there any potential for updated the API for larger data pulls to reduce the number required to get to that point?


Hi @bliegl,

I'm not really aware of any plans to increase the allowed size of the pages for that endpoint or anything similar. I think once you reach a big enough scale that paging backwards using that endpoint becomes onerous, it might be worth investigating more extensible options. One potential option may be to use the Webhooks API to subscribe directly to the contact property changes you're most interested in. By narrowing the number of changes that actually require a contact to be 'synced' to an external system, you can significantly reduce the amount of data you need to pull.


Thanks Derek for the feedback and we will take a look into this more.


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Derek, I was wondering what options we have with the contacts feature since we have over 900K contacts and it would take 20 days of loading data and we need to get the latest offsets and and know where to start from and run a separate call in the background to play catch up?


Hi @bliegl,

Can you give me some more context on what exactly your goals are? It'd help inform my recommendations if I was more clear on what precisely you're doing. Are you pulling contact updates into an external system? Are you migrating all of your data from HubSpot elsewhere?


Sorry for the massive delay our team was able to resolve the issue with contacts. There was more looping and time required to satisfy what we needed and then we were able to store the offsets and only pull the changes.