Open Graph Image/Description for Blog Home



I’m wondering if there is a way to set the Open Graph “sharing” image (and description) for the blog root/home page?



@davidatslice I’m not sure what you are referring too. Can you expand upon this or provide a screen shot for me?




When doing a share to Facebook/Twiiter, there are meta tags that they look for in the document head to use for the title, description and image. If they find them, they use them.

On our blog landing page at http://blog.slice is there is no meta tag for the image however I’d like to provide one. On an individual blog post page such as there is an image tag.

One can go to this page and put in a URL and see what Facebook is going to use for the title, description and image for a shared URL. Here is the Facebook share debug page:

I have attached some screenshots. One showing the source in the head of our blog landing page and another showing the source in the head of an individual blog post page. You can see that one has specific image tags and the other doesn’t. I’m wondering how/where I can specify an image such that our blog landing page uses it and supplies the image tags in the header.

I have also attached a screenshot of what it looks like in the Facebook share debug page.

This should all make sense once you see the screen shots. Its pretty interesting stuff and works great to control what gets shared…


@davidatslice Are these HubSpot blogs that you are trying to share out to Facebook? Where are you trying to share this out from?


Yes, using the social share links to share out to Facebook. Trying to specify what image should be shared (scraped by Facebook/Twitter) on the blog landing page. On individual blog post pages there is a feature image for each post and that is what is getting shared.


@davidatslice I reached out to engineering on this. At this point in time we don’t support the ability for you to add to the meta data when you share the posts out to the corresponding social platform.


Thank you for looking into this. Appreciate it. It looks like I can hardcode a meta tag in the header of the blog template and make it work with the only downside being that our business users will need a developer to update the image being specified. Not so bad…


I am looking for the same. Please can you share solution?