Option to not use CNAME to connect domain to HubSpot?


We are getting ready to go live with a new website hosted on HubSpot. However, our IT department is asking if there's another way to connect the domain to HubSpot besides using the CNAME record? We have other MX, TXT and SPF records on the domain, and I'm told that we would have to let go of those records in order to use a CNAME.

I realize that CNAME is preferred, but there has to be an option when that isn't the best path forward. Is connecting to an IP address not available? Otherwise, how does one handle these situations?


Welcome back, @Scott_Rief.

At this time, domains can only be connected to HubSpot with a CNAME record. Unfortunately, it is not possible to use IP addresses or other records.

The reasoning is similar to what Jeff Boulter, our content platform's engineering lead, describes in this topic. Our systems are configured to rely on CNAME chains and there are some security concerns with IP addresses alone.