Optional radio/dropdown fields not updating contact record properly


We have a donation form that has an optional dropdown field that allows our donors to specify an area to designate their gift to. When no value is selected, I would expect the contact property to be zeroed out. Instead, the contact property remains whatever it was previously set to. So if someone submitted the form with a designation of “Food and Shelter” and at a later date submitted the form with no designation, the designation contact property would still be “Food and Shelter”, rather than null.

This behavior only seems to happen with radio button and dropdown fields. Other types of optional fields are properly zeroed out when no value is specified. This seems like a bug to me, but maybe this is the expected behavior? If so, is there any way to force those fields to update to a null value with jQuery?


Hi @hchristensen,

If no value is included in a form submission, the expected behavior of the corresponding contact property would be to retain whatever value it had before the form submission. If this isn’t the case for certain properties, it’s likely that a blank value is being included in the form submission. If this is a standard HubSpot form, I would recommend reaching out to Support (1 888-482-7768 x3) so that they can troubleshoot any potential issue with the form. If this is a custom form using the Forms API, then you’ll need to send a blank value for the radio select property when submitting to the Forms API.