Order of events between API and workflow



We have implemented an API that retrieves data from our client's Hubspot forms. These forms contain, among other things, the field code_postal but our client needs the postal code in the zip field.

So we created a workflow to copy the value code_postal into the zip field. My question is: what is the sequence of events? Will our workflow have time to copy the value in the zip field before the contact who filled the form is imported via the API?

Thank you for your reply.



Hi @Mathilde,

Does your app capture the contact data when the form is submitted, or does it sync the data to your system after the contact has been created in HubSpot? If it is the latter, are you pulling contacts from HubSpot using the Contacts API or a webhook?

I believe HubSpot workflows would be faster, but I need additional information to say for sure.