Original Source not populated correctly when using Forms Submission API



I am using Forms submission API to submit a contact who registers on our external website. The contact gets created fine. However, I noticed one thing:
The original Source shows as “Offline Sources”, even though original source drill-down 1 shows “FORM”


Also, what is the Original Source Drill-Down 2 value? I was thinking it is the HubSpot form GUID. However, that does not seem to be the case



That number is an internal number we would use to fill in for the blank campaign associated to it. Are you passing along the page in the form submission? On the contacts timeline does it say what page the form was filled out on? You might not be passing in all of the necessary information for the form submission to know where it came from. Also are you passing in the cookie?


On the contacts I can see that the page was filled out from the form submission. Yes I am passing in the cookie.


@jmichaelRS Can you post an example of the post body you are sending in?


POST https://forms.hubspot.com/uploads/form/v2/PORTALID/FORMGUID HTTP/1.1
User-Agent: Fiddler
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Host: forms.hubspot.com
Content-Length: 389


When I go to the contact I see the following message:
Some of this contact’s activity has been excluded based on their IP address

Not sure if this has anything to do with the issue. I can see that other users who directly register on our website, which in turn calls the forms API to create the contact in HubSpot, are created with the correct Original Source - Direct Traffic


@jmichaelRS Are you filtering out your IP address? This is common for people to filter out their own IP address to get a more accurate sense of traffic.


Yes, my IP Address was in the filter list. Removing this fixed the issue. The new contact was created as Direct Traffic. I would still think this is kind of weird. Why should the Original Source depend on the filters for IP Address?


@jmichaelRS It has to do with reporting. Generally people don’t want page views and other web analytics tracked from their own domain. Your source would never get saved as we wouldn’t store the source or the page view in our analytics Back End


Thanks for the response.