Outlook 2010/13 not center-aligning email build with Design Manager template builder


This isn’t related to the Email API, but rather the email building capabilities of HubSpot itself.
I was directed to post on this forum from the HubSpot Support Team.

I have an email, built with custom modules, that uses the Design Manage to put these modules into a layout - which works great, and is center-aligned in the email window in most email clients.

However, in Outlook 2010/13 for Windows, the email is left-aligned. Had I built the whole HTML email from scratch (not letting HubSpot ‘wrap’ my modules into it’s own layout) I could fix this with the necessary HTML/CSS edits to get the email centre-aligned in Outlook 2010/13. However, since I’m using the builder, I don’t have access to that kind of top-level wrapper code.

Has anyone experienced the same issue, or knows a way around it?

Many thanks, any help is appreciated!


Did you ever get an answer to this? I just ran into the same situation. My emails created in Designer are not centering in Outlook, but I don’t have access to the wrapper code to force TD align=center.


Unfortunately not, I don’t think HubSpot are interested in it, even though it seems pretty simple…!
I’ve only managed to get around it by re-building how my modular email template works, not ideal but the only solution it seems.


That’s too bad. Half of the reason to use HubSpot is to help get non-tech folks the tools they need. When I have to raw code the templates as HTML instead of Designer, it adds a significant amount of extra time to do and train on. I know you can mark modules so they appear for smart content and such, but it’s a workaround that doesn’t simplify the process. If we could simply access the wrapper code in designer, then all of this would be moot and we’d be great. Maybe we’ll get to see it in the future as a dropdown like Edit Head, etc.


Agreed! Workarounds are fine for us who know how to do them, but often confusing for just about everyone else. (Confusing not only with the tech involved, but simply ‘Why do we have to do this?’).


Hey Robert, I stumbled upon the solution to this and wanted to update this thread for anyone else who found it while searching for a solution.

When you have the Design Manager open, you’ll see two thin “module” bars that you cannot add anything to. As long as you keep your content between those, it appears to center in Outlook correctly. I couldn’t find any documentation around this, but discovered simply by accident in testing.

Hope this helps someone in the future.