Owner Emails Not being sent



We re using the forms API and we are sending the appropriate form fields to the forms; however the owners are not receiving the emails that their lead/contact is submitting the forms a second or third time. The check box is active on the form itself, and this seems to only be happening with the API submitted forms. Is there something that needs to be passed in to ensure email delivery to the owners?


Hi @bskidmore,

I did some testing in my own portal, and I was able to get a form submission notification multiple times from a form that used the forms API. Can you give me some more details on which emails you’re referring to, and perhaps a link to the form in HubSpot?


We noticed that the emails are no longer including the Owner’s email and the added email address in the to line. They are sending to the individuals separately. Was this a change to not include all parties and send out emails separately?


Hi @bskidmore,

I’m not aware of a change to form submission notification emails, but I’m not 100% clear on which emails you’re referring to. Can you direct message me a screenshot of one of these emails, and a link to the form you’re referring to so that I can do some troubleshooting?



We used to get revisit notifications that listed all of the people the notifications went to in the TO: line. However, across the board that seemed to stop recently. Now if we have the box checked to send emails to the Contact Owners, which are synced from Salesforce, we no longer see the Contact Owners email sent to the group email listed for notifications as well.


Hi @bskidmore,

The owner notification email should only go to the contact’s owner (stored in the contact’s HubSpot Owner property), not to all emails listed in the submission email notification field. The owner submission notification is separate from the ‘standard’ email notification. Additionally, both types of notification email should be sent whenever a submission comes in, even if submitted via the API.