Page View HIstory and Source Data


With the Forms API, is Page View History and Source data passed through with the same token? Or are they two separate things?

Either way, we’re not seeing either right now using the Forms API. We know that the cookie information is being passed in, but for some reason the Page View History and Source data are not coming with it.

How should the code read so we can get that data as well?



Hi @leinteractive,

The Original Source Data and Number of Pageviews fields are system fields and cannot be modified manually, but as long as you are passing the hutk correctly this info will be populated automatically.

If you are not seeing analytics events updating on a contact timeline, make sure that you are not testing on a filtered IP as analytics events will be omitted.


Thanks, @seb_fairchild. Is the hutk token passed by default with that information or do we have to specify it at the time it passes?

We ARE testing on a filtered IP, so that’s good to know that the info won’t come through. Thanks!

I’ll test again on a non-filtered IP just to be certain.


If you are using the HubSpot forms embed code then the included JS will parse the cookies and include the hutk by default. If you are using a custom form, you will need to parse the on page cookies and include the hutk param inside of the hs_context json blob.

See this doc for more info.


@seb_fairchild, we figured it out. It was the filtered IP. All this struggle and it turns out to be the most obvious and simple solution. Thank you! We would have been pulling our hair out trying to figure this out.