Pagination in hubdt table



Hi all,
is there a way to make pagination working with hubdb tables?
I am developing a calendar of events and i would like to show 5 rows per page so i would like to have a pagination.
I’ve try to insert in queryparam a “posts_per_page=5” (like in wp_query of wordpress) but it give me an error
Someone can help me how can I insert a pagination?



Hi @giozua,

To page through the rows of HubDB table you would use both the offset and limit parameters documented here:

So for the first page, you would offset=0&limit=5, then for the second page of results you would request offset=5&limit=5.



Ok I’ve this
{% set queryparam = “&orderBy=-event_date” %}
and it should became this
{% set queryparam = “&orderBy=-event_date&limit=5&offset=0” %}
but how can I change it for the second page? This is the queryèaram for all resuts



When you want to grab the second page, all you have to do is change the offset param to 5 instead of 0 to grab the next 5 results.


So, you’re saying there is no dynamic way to do this and you have to manually create pages that each house their own query? Ugh, that’s just silly.