Pagination of contacts list not working



Currently I’m trying to get all the contacts in a contact list and need to paginate through the list. However the vidoffset parameter does not seem to be working. Updating the call with the parameter vidoffset return the same list and not the next “page”.
This is the endpoint I’m calling: /contacts/v1/lists/:list_id/contacts/all
And the parameter is vidOffset.



@g_isabella can you show me the call you are making with all the query list parameters in it? It is hard to troubleshoot your issue with out the call you are making.

It should look similar to this


Has there been any update on this issue…I am having the same trouble. I am using the contacts API, and making a call with limit=1 returns a true value of has-more and an vid-Offset value. When I include the vid-Offset value in a new request, I get exactly the same payload.


Initial API call (w/o API Key)<>&property=name&count=1
Returns: has-more:True and vid-Offset=12551

Next Call:<>&property=name&vid-Offset=12551&count=1
Returns: has-more:True and vid-Offset=12551

These calls have the same payload.


@David_Meyer can you DM me your portal ID? That way I can try and reproduce it on my end.


@David_Meyer I should have caught this earlier. The issue is that the query parameter is




Please try it using just vidOffset and let me know if that works. I have it working on my end as expected with that change. My apologies for not seeing that earlier