Parallax type function within a COS Module - is it possible?


We are trying to find a way to replicate the in module scrolling seen on this landing page:

I believe it would require implementing the parallax snippet but I am unsure how to create this within a module or on a specific part of the site page.

Simplest Custom Parallax Module for Content That "Flies In" During Scroll?

@Darren_Howerton I believe you will need to write your own code for this. There isn’t a pre-built module that handles this. The COS as a platform can most definitely handle parallax though. Here is a link to W3 Schools as a reference.


A custom module would suit perfectly here @Darren_Howerton, you can blend options controlled by the COS editor with custom HTML.


@PaulAxonGarside, I think you can also use custom HTML to for this one, using Custom Modules gives you flexibility to edit page content at page level, but if you have basic knowledge of html jQuery you can achieve same,

Types of parallax.

1 back ground parallax : like : fixed bg parallax
2. background and content moves with a varying speeds. like : parallax with out fixed background

Let us know if you need any help, we can help you with demo.