Paring new contact with anonymous visitor history


Hi all,

I am not a developer but I find myself often trying to explain to clients how to integrate their apps with HubSpot and I could do with a little help with the language.

What I want to be able to do is point them at the relevant API documentation that will enable them to:

When a content converts on their system either:

  • Create a new contact in HubSpot complete with original source, page view history etc

  • Update an existing contact keeping the above data intact

Many thanks, for any help.



Hi @philvallender,

Simplest way to do that; take advantage of the form submission endpoint of the Forms API:

The doc has details on how to include the proper info (i.e. hubspotutk token) to associate analytics data correctly. If your clients run into specific technical issues setting this up, feel free to point them to the forums.