Parsing Email Notification after form submission


Hi, I have gone down the path of parsing email notifications to fetch values sent through a form submission. Problem is 5 of the values are not probably encapsulated by html syntax in the body html and this causes parsing difficulty. Below is an example file. The answer to the question 'When is the best time to contact you regarding your Account?' is text without any html syntax.



Alan R


Hi @aruvalcaba,

I'm not particularly familiar with the precise expected formatting of the form submission notification emails, but I can check in with the team. You might also consider some alternative methods for collecting the contact property info, like the webhooks API and/or workflow webhooks:


Hi @aruvalcaba,

I recently touched base with the forms team, and it appears that this is the expected behavior; non-default properties will render differently in the email body than custom properties. They also mentioned that parsing the form notification email body isn't recommended. The emails aren't designed for programatic consumption, so we don't guarantee a specific/consistent formatting.


@Derek_Gervais Hi Derek, thanks for your help. I was able to get the parsing the way I need. Is there a webhook available to capture form submissions? I don't seem to see any mention of that.


Hi @aruvalcaba,

Not specifically for form submissions, but the Webhooks API allows you to subscribe to property changes and/or contact record creations.