Parsing utm values from form submit


I am new to Hubspot and am trying to pass form fields onsubmit from an embedded form in Wordpress to a second form in wordpress, so I will have essentially a two step for (progressive). My research shows me I can do this in Hubspot landing pages but not in Wordpress due to the delay in cookie new contacts. Has anyone done something similar, or can recommend a workaround to this?


Welcome, @myresman.

To clarify, do you have two HubSpot forms embedded on your WordPress pages? Are you trying to pass the values from the first form to the second form via utm query parameters?

Could you also describe the research you've conducted in more detail? What do you mean by "but not in WordPress due to the delay in cookie new contacts"?


I am trying to have the form submission data auto populate on a second form (so like progressive profiling), however when chatting with Hubspot support, they informed me that new form submissions would have a delay so we would not be able to use this because Hubspot would not know who the contact was due to the delay.


Thanks for clarifying, @myresman.

While support was correct that smart content will not update a form with a contact's information upon a form redirect (per the Can I use smart content on a thank you page? section of this page), however there are other ways to support a progressive profiling or two-part form.

One way is to pass values with query parameters. You could use JavaScript (e.g. this method or this method) to populate the second page's query parameters with values from the first page's form. The query parameter must match the internal name (not label) of the form field you wish to populate. This related post contains an example.

Would you mind sharing the support ticket number? I'd like to make sure I close the loop for support.


Thanks, I will give this a try. Support ticket #2166840