Pass cookie information to the form


Hi everybody!

We have a few hubspot forms on our website and are able to pass hidden fields that allows us to tack them in SalesForce.

When we run certain marketing campaigns, we use a cookie with a “campaign ID”. We can pass a Campaign ID from HubSpot using a hidden fields though that limits us to one ID per page/ form when in reality it may be different depending on which campaign the user arrived via. The form lives prominently on the site and is often navigated to - once a form is submitted, it uses the hidden Campaign ID. This doesn’t allow us to see which marketing campaigns actually resulted in the form being filled out.

How do we pass the cookie specific campaign id to a hidden form field?

Thanks in advance!


@Veemer You can accomplish this with client side Javascript. Here is a link to help you read up on it. Essentially you just need to grab the cookie information with Javascript and then place the value into the hidden form field.


Great, thanks for replying. Any chance you have an example of the script… I’m guessing we’re not the first ones to need to grab cookie info and pass it via a hidden form field. Our dev team is a bit over worked so if I could forward it to them to implement rather than having them write it would probably make a difference.


@Veemer I don’t have a copy of the script on hand. If you provide the steps for your developers they should be able to implement this rather quickly.


Hi @Veemer,

One thing we do which might make this easier for you is to use URL parameters to pass the campaign ID. Simply name the hidden field the same as the URL parameter and it will auto populate. I use a default value incase the person found the site organically. This way you can avoid asking the Dev Team to help you.

The downside is that it doesn’t store across browsing in a sesson, i.e. they come to your landing page, click first to your homepage, then return to the landing page to fill out the form.


Hey guys,

We're wanting to do something similar so we built the following cookie, but it's not passing the values into the hidden form fields. Could someone give me any pointers?

$utm_source=$_GET['utm_source']; //the value from the url

setcookie("utm_source", $utm_source, strtotime( '+30 days' )); 

setcookie("utm_medium", $utm_medium, strtotime( '+30 days'));


setcookie("utm_campaign", $utm_campaign, strtotime( '+30 days'));


setcookie("utm_term", $utm_term, strtotime( '+30 days'));


setcookie("utm_content", $utm_content, strtotime( '+30 days'));



Hi @chandlerwillman,

I'm not entirely familiar with PHP, so bear with me. That code appears to create a couple of cookies, but I'm not seeing any code that appears to input the values into a form field, or otherwise pass the values into HubSpot. This topic was originally about passing information from cookies into a hidden form field; is that what you're trying to do?

If that's the case, you should skip creating cookies out of the query parameters and instead just add hidden form fields and put the query parameters into them directly. Like JonWeidberg said above, if a form field has the same name as a query parameter, HubSpot will auto-populate that form field with the query parameter value.


I understand that would be the solution of we sent people over to our landing page with the form available right there, but here's our use case:

Someone lands on our home page with a URL like /home/?utm_source=adwords&utm_campaign=branded

Then the person browses the website and ultimately arrives to our contact us page. They fill out the form and we want those parameters to be captured into the custom fields "utm_source" and "utm_campaign".

Right now those utm parameters are getting lost as soon as they leave the intial page (of course, they're picked up by hubspot's original source fields but we're being really picky about how that data is parsed here)


@chandlerwillman - HubSpot forms won't read custom cookies to include in hidden fields. You're likely setting the cookies properly, but need to write JS to read the cookies and then set the values into hidden form fields.

I'd recommend including a light library like this:

Then, use the docCookies.getItem(name) to get each of your cookie values. Finally, your js would do somethign like:
var campaign = docCookies.getItem('utm_campaign')


@chandlerwillman Did you ever get this resolved? I am looking for the same solution and have had no luck.