Passing Custom Hidden Value from FORM


I'm passing hidden value from my Form i.e Channel, Campaign, Keyword, Placement, Device which i can view on email received after submitting it.
My issue is that i want to see the same fields on Hubspot Dashboard, which i'm unable to see right now.
Have attached Screenshot for reference.


Hi @Keyur_Shah,

Can you specify what exactly your referring to when you say 'HubSpot Dashboard'? Can you send me a link to the form in HubSpot, as well as the dashboard you're referring to?


Hi @Derek_Gervais,

My website has form in which leads i'm tracking from hubspot CRM which is


Hi @Keyur_Shah,

After sleuthing a bit, I believe I found the form in HubSpot; can you confirm the form below is the one you're referring to? That form appears to have hidden fields on your website, but I can see in the raw submission data that only the "First Name", "Last Name", "Email", "Phone Number", "Location", and "Number of Seats" properties were submitted. This leads me to believe that the hidden fields were omitted at some point during the form processing on your server, or were potentially not populated before the form was submitted.