Passing Email ( and other properties) from Form fill as query parameter in redirect URL


When a form is filled we want to redirect user to a sign up page. However would like to pass user’s ( i.e. form fillers) email address as a query parameter part of URL redirect. How do we do that? This is a start trial form, which requires creating account with email address on our platform after the user has filled up the form on our landing page ( hubspot form obviously which asks for email address so we can keep track of this user in the CRM). We would like to auto-populate the email in the subsequent “account creation” form which in on the sign up page of our platform.


hi @mo_amit, so that I'm on the same page as you -- is the first page that you're redirecting from built on the CMS? If so, you might want to check out this thread: Pass field value to URL parameter. Look's like the latest response has a solution to this issue. You can also check out this thread for other ideas in case I'm off base.


Its actually NOT built on Hubspot CMS. Its a embedded form on a wordpress site


Got it, thanks for that clarification @mo_amit. So you're using a HubSpot form on an external site, is that correct? If so, you should be able to use the method outlined by derek cavaliero here: Include form fields as redirect URL parameters on an embedded form

You'll essentially concatenate and build your redirect URL from scratch by passing through all your form's data as query strings via the following:

window.location = "" + formData;

If you need even more control, it might be worth you simply submitting data via the Forms API so you don't have to handle manipulating this code.