Passing Owner ID into Engagements API doesn't show in the Web Interface



When you set an ownerId on an engagement, you can see it when you get that engagement from the API, but it is not reflected in the UI (it just says “New Note”. is an example. What needs to happen in the API call for creating an engagement for them to visibly linked to a user’s engagement in the web app?



Hi @terrance

The user is currently separate from the author ("{Author} left a note about…"), and the author is currently only set when the note is created in the UI.


Thanks @dadams. So what is ownerId? You’d think that would be the owner of the engagement.

Do you know if there are plans to expose the author for those migrating from other CRMs, or be able to help link ownerIds to authors for our account?


For note engagements, the owner doesn’t really have a function, but for other engagements types it does. For example, for task engagements, the owner is the person that the task is assigned to.

We don’t have any current plans to change how the author works, but I’m passing this along to our CRM dev team to see if this is something we can add.


Thanks @dadams . From an end user perspective, even notes are helpful to let others on the team who left the note. We got around this by just adding ‘via’ for our migration


I agree with Terrance, this really should be a feature. It would be really helpful to pass along the author of a comment via the api and not have to use a workaround. It looks like you have everything in place to accomplish this also if the ownerId is getting passed along, you just need to display this in the UI.