Passing UTM params to the next page upon cicking




Well I am using tracking URL to track the UTM params which is coming from capterra. When someone is coming from a different source (ex: Capterra) the UTM params are visible on the home page but I really need to pass those params to the signup page , this would happen when someone comes to the home page and clicks "Start free trial" which redirect user to the signup page. All I need is to pass the UTM params to the signup page so we could track who is coming from which source to the signup page. Capterra provides us the tracking URL which we are using in the home page to track but I dont know how to pass the params to signup page.


Better to write entry utm values to cookies and when the form loads to get the utms from the cookies

You will need javascript knowledge


Hi @Abhishek_Sharma,

I like @jayjiang's recommendation.

It's also worth noting that HubSpot's tracking code will pick up the Capterra tracking parameters on your home page and bucket the contact according to these rules. The utm parameters don't need to be surfaced in the landing page URL unless you're trying to capture them with the hidden form field method outlined here or have some other use case.