Passing value without a hubspot form



Little background:

-We just switched over to Hubspot and are about to launch our first campaign via an email blast.
-We have a calculator on the frontpage of our site, that was custom built without using Hubspot forms. The last portion of the calculator provides a number.

If a contact comes to the site, through the email and fills out the calculator. Is it possible to pass the result, over to Hubspot, and associate it to the contact?

I understand this is not possible for anyone that hasn’t identified themselves, but if they are in our database (without filling out a form), and click the email, can we pass the result? If so, any high-level thoughts on how exactly?

Thank you!


@bradycfox where is your site hosted? on or off hubspot?

High level thought: Pass the value to a server-side script and then use our Contact API to pass the value into HubSpot.


It’s hosted off hubspot, but the tracking code is on the site (obviously…)

It’s a client’s site, currently in dev, so can’t share it at the moment unfortunately.


@bradycfox Can you pass the value to your server along with the cookie to add it to HubSpot>