Password Protect Entire Site


I am looking for a way to password protect an entire website until launch date. The current setup is a coming soon page at the root /, a password protected home page at /home and the rest of the page URLs are not protected.

Is there a way I can set all pages asides from the coming soon page at the root to be password protected?

Please note I understand you are able to password protect individual pages, however this means a user needs to input a password on each and every page they visit. I’m looking for a way for the user to only have to enter the password once.



Hi @MikeyWallis,

HubSpot doesn’t currently support password protecting an entire site or subdirectory. The built in page-level password protection is the only way to password protect parts of your site.


@Derek_Gervais, has there been any updates with Hubspot on password protecting an entire site/sub-domain? Seems like this should be something feasible on the UI in the Content Settings area, to have like a .htaccess file or something. Please let me know if there is examples that others have done to accomplish this.


Hi @cabplanalp,

This is definitely something the team is thinking about, but I don't have any definitive updates or timelines at this time. The best course of action now is to share this feedback in the ideas forum on the HubSpot Community and to stay tuned for product updates (see below).