Password protection in a form



Is it possible to add a field that requires a password in order to complete a form and reach the thank-you page?

I’m trying to use HubSpot to tally visits to an external, password-protected page that can’t accept HS tracking code. My goal is to unlock the page and build the password protection into the HubSpot form so I can track CTA clicks without making my visitors jump through too many hoops.


@Alex_Braun Is this a HubSpot hosted page? Are you using the embedded form or a custom form? Where would you store the password to check against the verification that wouldn’t be visible to the end user through the page source/ inspect in the dev tools on the browser? Would you store the password client-side or server-side.


These are good questions. The form would be on a HubSpot page, but the thank-you redirect would go to an external page. As far as embedded or custom, I think we could go with whichever is simplest. All we need is to gate access to the external page but still track the CTA click.

I hadn’t considered that the password would be visible in the source code, but that’s a good point. Let me check with one of our internal devs to see what they’d recommend re: the password storage.


@Alex_Braun sounds good. thanks for the info let me know if you come to a resolution on the pw storage