Periodically call an external API to fetch data and insert contacts


Our need is to periodically call an external API from within a Hubspot application. That API will return data in the necessary format so that Hubspot can add new contacts. using /contacts/v1/contact

External to Hubspot, we capture lead/contact data at conventions/trade shows and this data is sent to a web application, so that exhibitors of the event can login and see their leads. What we are trying to do is use your API to get this data into their Hubspot account.

Is there a way within Hubspot to call an external API, and process the response?


Hi @andrewb,

It’s possible to use the webhook action in the workflows tool to make a GET or POST request to an external API, but other than that there isn’t a tool in HubSpot to make requests. You’d need to use the existing public APIs to create contacts in HubSpot.