Permission no longer available or creatable on test environment



I've been recently running in an issue with permissions on our test environment (hubid: 4066449) and would be glad if you could offer me a little guidance.

What I'm trying to do is add a contact using the method described on this page:

i've been using this method effectively up until now, and it stills works on our production environment but throws the following error when trying to do it on our test environment :
This oauth-token (xxxxx) does not have proper permissions! (requires all of [contacts-write])

I've tried initializing a new Oauth connection to try and be sure contact permissions were of with :

I'm now getting an error regarding permissions on our test environment :
This hub doesn't have access to some HubSpot features that are required by this integration.

I remember using the same method previously without running into any of those errors.
Would you happen to know what could have changed in our environment or in the methods I'm using ?

Thanks for your help and your great API,



Hi @Edouard_DUBOIS,

It looks like your test portals expired; I went ahead and renewed them for you. We're looking to automatically renew test portals based on activity, but for the time being just make sure to check in on your testing dashboard every now and again:


Thanks a lot @Derek_Gervais, it works great now.