Persona options returned by Contact Properties API is wrong?


On Hubspot web UI, I added a persona with name "John" and persona description "IT Manager".

Then I call API Its response include the following, where you can see "description" from the UI got mapped to "label" and "name" from UI got mapped to "description". This mapping seems wrong? Can this be fixed so the mapping makes more sense? Thanks!

"name": "hs_persona",
"label": "Persona",
"description": "A contact's persona",
"groupName": "contactinformation",
"type": "enumeration",
"fieldType": "select",
"options": [
"hidden": false,
"label": "IT Manager",
"description": "John",
"displayOrder": -1,
"readOnly": null,
"doubleData": null,
"value": "persona_1"
"hidden": false,
"deleted": null,


Hi @coffeeocean, I'm seeing the same thing on my end when I make a get request for all properties in my portal. Let me do some digging here and get back to you on this.


Hi @coffeeocean, I reached out to our Development team here who have noted that this quirk has been around for a while. We do not have any plans to fix this moving forward. Thanks!


Hi @Connor_Barley , thank you for looking into this and getting back. We will update our code to adapt. Thanks!