Personalize email


I am sending emails to my hubspot contacts but I have two emails fields associate with the contact. one is the main email (usually it’s the company email) and owner email.
I would like to send an email to the owner email in special cases and to use info from his contact details.
is it possible? can I personalize the ‘To’ address when i send an email?


Hi @Inbal_Avraham

You can use the owner email when sending emails through a workflow. We refer to this as sending an internal notification.


thanks a lot


Hi David, we would like to cc another email when these emails are being sent out. Is this possible. These emails are generated with specific content based on the contact record. We solved the “to” but i want to “cc” or “bcc”.


cc and bcc aren’t supported by those types of email. It it possible to send internal emails to multiple addresses in a single step, but each address will be sent the email as the to: recipient.


we found a work around - compliance emails… works for us :slight_smile: