Personalized Links in email templates



We want to send emails using an automated workflow. We would like to include a personalized link that takes the customer to a landing page made just for them.

We don’t want the literal link text to appear in the call to action button. How can we do this? It does not appear you can use a personalization token as the action is a call to action button.


@cbarnes199 Due to the order of compilation you wouldn’t be able to use a personalization token in the link or call to action. What would be the customization you are trying to do?


I think I figured it out. You can use contact properties in a link and then use css to make the link look like a CTA button.

I just want a clickable link in the email that the customer clicks to get to a landing page we have customized for them.


@cbarnes199 awesome to hear. let me know if anything else pops up.


not sure if this is related, will user information leak to other people if the email is forwarded by the person? because the email permanently contains user information


@phena109 It would yes. Hopefully the receiving person would not forward along an email containing their own personal information.