Pipeline/ Deal stage move based on action


Hi, we are trying to figure out if it is possible to move a deal to a specific pipeline and deal stage based on a specific action. For example, if we enter a contact into sequence but the email comes back as bounced then we would want our app to move that deal to a Limbo pipeline in a deal stage “bounced”. Would this be possible through the available apis?


Hi @Sam_Lampe

It is possible to update the stage and pipeline of a deal through the API. There are some more details about how the pipeline and stage values are related to each other here:

but in general you’d just need to update those two properties when updating the deal.

As far as getting contacts that bounced emails, you can create a list that would contain any contact with at least 1 bounced email (details at the bottom of this page), and then periodically poll that list for new records.


I am looking for the same functionality - Move deal to another pipeline stage - but I want to do it from a Zapier workflow so I can do a bunch of call outs to a whole bunch of other systems (Slack, Intercom, etc).

For example:

  1. In Hubspot, a sales person moves a deal from pipeline stage 1 to stage 2.
  2. Contact associated with deal is added to a smart list associated with stage 2.
  3. In Zapier, a workflow runs that uses the contact to do a bunch of cool stuff in other systems.
  4. Last stage of Zapier workflow moves the deal to stage 3.

In looking at the Deals API, it looks like a non-trivial effort to do #4…this would be a killer new feature for the Hubspot Zap.