Possible to see API logs?



Hello Hubspot,

Is it possible to pull an API log for the Contacts and Form API we have connected to our instance? I understand there is not one native to the interface.



@natehall15 At the moment we don’t share out API logs. This is something we are looking to improve upon.

If you are using an OAuth token you can see the logs of the calls in your developers portal.


Got it, thanks @pmanca


@pmanca, I created a developer account and can’t find anywhere that API logs are present in the portal. It looks like the portal is more for people creating apps that are integrated with Hubspot. Is there a way to see the API logs for our instance, where the Hubspot Contacts and Form API are sending data?


@natehall15 You wouldn’t be able to see the Forms API as there is no authentication required for that. You should be able to see any call that is using the OAuth access token in the call. You will need to create an app to generate an OAuth access token and when you use that in your authentication instead of your Hapikey you will see the logs of that token specifically.


'Share out' API logs? Huh?

If I pay for HubSpot, I should be able to view my own API logs. You aren't sharing out anything. I don't even know that that means.

This is like, basic/common courtesy.


Hi @Greg_Blass,

I think what Peter was saying is that we don't currently have externally facing API call logging for integrations authenticating with an API key. This is something the team wants to build in the future. If your app uses OAuth, you can monitor your requests by navigating to the Monitoring page of your app settings.

If your app authenticates with an API key, you can check your current daily usage with the endpoint below. If you need more specific information, I can take a look at your portals usage for you.


Any update on when we can get a front facing api log? Is this something we can request from HS in the meantime? (Support just sent me to this thread).


Hey, @ajlaporte.

I'm not aware of recent movement on this front, but I did post this feature request on the HubSpot Community Ideas Forum to collect feedback.

Please upvote and comment with your use cases so that the product team can more accurately scope the feature!