Post and Put on Form from HubSpot


Can I make the form from hubspot make a put after post?
On my project I have a step by step form, and i need to update with the information the user is typing every time they click on next step.

Have some tips to make it work?




Hi @Thais_Quintana_Pinhe,

It’s not possible to submit a HubSpot form twice with two different methods. Can you give me some more details on what exactly you’re trying to implement?


Hi Derek,

I noticed that we can make just one shot submission on client side to hubspot. My problem is, I have two urls one from Hubspot and another from other API, and I need to make a Post for both urls, I’ve been working on it and Hubspot still doesn’t respond for me. I’m getting problems for Hubspot to see my request. I’ve been getting always the same response: failed to fetch. I’m using React, as framework.

What do you suggest? I’m using the documentation from submit data to a form…


Hi @Thais_Quintana_Pinhe,

Currently the HubSpot APIs do not support support cross-origin (CORS) AJAX requests. Making the request client-side using JavaScript would expose any authentication you’re using for the request. If you’re going to use the forms API to submit form data, you’ll need to first submit to a server side script, which would then submit to HubSpot. This sounds like it might actually solve your problem, since you could process the form data and make requests to both HubSpot and your other URL from the server.


Thanks Derek, for answered me. :slight_smile:

Another doubt about hubspot, i’m testing the submission form data from a localhost.
Now i’ve been getting a response ‘204 no-content’, if I go to ‘view submissions’ from my form on hubspot, the framework understands that it had a submission from a third-part, but my results is 0 for all data I fill on the form.

Any suggestions?


HI @Thais_Quintana_Pinhe,

I’m not sure I understand. All of the fields that you submitted are appearing as 0 in HubSpot? Can you send me a link to the form in your portal?


Hi Derek,
i’ve been working on localhost. My website its not online yet. But that’s a print screen from my results testing the submission form.

As I said i get a response from hubspot status ‘204 no-content’. And when i look on hubspot i’ve seen this as result(on print screen below):


Hi @Thais_Quintana_Pinhe,

I understand. Can you send me a link to that form page? And perhaps log the form submission data before you submit it, so that I can take a look at that as well?


Hi Derek,

I don’t understand what you need. The link to that form from hubspot?


Hi @Thais_Quintana_Pinhe,

Yes, that would be helpful


Hi Derek,

I dont know how to help you with that information. I’ve been working on a local machine, I can’t send you a url when it’s https://localhost:3000 for i.e. My project is not online.

But I gave up the idea to use AJAX requests, so I put the embed code from hubspot on my project. But now I’ve another problem, because my form is a step by step. And for be a embed code, I’ve a required action after I submit, send a thank you message or a redirect url.

I don’t want these options, I just want to go to next step without redirect or send a message.

How can I make a solution for this?


Hi @Thais_Quintana_Pinhe,

When I was asking for a link to the form before, I was referring to the actual form page in your HubSpot portal (e.g. the URL of the submission page from the screenshot above) so that I could take a look at the submission data. While I haven’t actually taken a look at any submission data, my gut would tell me that the form data wasn’t properly encoded and lead to No contact record submissions.

Regarding your new question: HubSpot forms are designed to be one page, single submit forms, so there isn’t a built-in multi-step form functionality. However there are a few ways to workaround this, detailed in the following Knowledge Base article:


Hi Derek,

Now I understood. But that’s ok, I’ve already moved to another solution.

And about your suggestion, that’s excellent. I’ll try!
Thanks for all your attention to help me on this project.

Best regards and Happy News Year! :slight_smile: