Post filter module not working as expected/broken


My script works locally as well as in preview with no errors in console. I am console logging the event listener and it registers in all three places (local, preview, production).


	$('.dropdown ol').slideToggle(0);

		console.log('Hover Dropdown');


function toggleDropdown(e){
	var dropdown = $(this);


Within .dropdown ol lives the a Hubl topic filter that listing the default content.

<div class="dropdown">Categories&nbsp;<i class="fa fa-caret-down"></i>
<ol>{% post_filter "topic_dropdown" label="Category Dropdown", expand_link_text="View More", 
filter_type="tag", list_title="", max_links=15, order_by="post_count", select_blog="default" %}</ol>

If I change the Hubl module to a post_listing everything works. Currently the post_filter module only appears if I am in design manager preview option default blog. If i change the preview option to a different blog the post_filter stops working.

<div class="dropdown">Categories&nbsp;<i class="fa fa-caret-down"></i>
<ol>{% post_listing "my_post_listing" label="My Post Listing", list_title="Recent Posts", 
listing_type="recent", max_links=5, select_blog="default" %}</ol>

Except now the dropdown shows a list with each article name not the tag/category as needed. The Hubl reference states either of these modules can be used in a blog post. Would the post_filter module not work if there is another of the same modules? or if the module were used on the listing page and blog page?



Can you send me a link to the blog template in question so that I can troubleshoot directly?


I did not have any content pulling in bc there was no content defined in that particular blog. Adding tags fixed the issue.