post form data to process automation


Hey :slight_smile:

I have an automation question and hope you can help me. The goal is to update the process which controls the evaluation of our tool for our prospects.

The sequence should be:

  1. Customer fills out hubspot form.
  2. Form data is saved in hubspot and hubspot does whatever our marketing folks do with it.
  3. ALSO some of the form data (i.e. ID of the hubspot contact, name, email and company) along with some constant strings specified needs to get sent to our process automation tool for further processing.
  4. Within the automated process we need to trigger actions via REST in HubSpot to send an email to this customer at some steps along the way. Once we have step 3 in this list figured out this shouldn’t be a problem we think.

Key question how do we get started on step 3?

What we/ve done so far:

My colleague created this form:

To clarify step 3:
What should happen after a customer filled it out is that it stores the data the customer provided in Hubspot
posts form data to a URL like:
and we need to add some data like:

Is there some documentation on how something like this can be accomplished?
KB article or recipe?

Thanks you very much in advance.



Hi @11bar,

You might consider using a workflow webhook action to accomplish this. A simple workflow that enrolls contacts that have submitted the form in question and triggers a webhook to some external server would allow you to send contact info elsewhere.