POST from HubSpot to external software


I am new to HubSpot.
My idea is if Contact data is updated on one platform it will update my second platform.
I have sent API call from my external software using the HubSpot APIs and I can create and update Contacts.

Now I do also want HubSpot to send Contact data to my external software via REST or HTTP include login procedures. I have searched the forums but have not yet succeed to find what I am searching for.

Question 1
The Contact form - where can I add my script code?

Question 2
What script language do you use inside HubSpot?

Best Regards
Anders Thillman


Hi @anders.thillman,

Your best option is probably to use webhooks to push the contact data blob to your external system:

If you don’t need the full contact record, we do have a new webhooks API in beta that allows updates to single fields at a time. You can sign up for the beta group here.

If you are using the hubspot forms.js to embed forms on an external page you can use the onFormSubmit callback to POST the submission data to an external system.


Hi @seb_fairchild
Thank you for your answer. It was most helpful to me!