POST or Query String from Hubspot form to External sites


Can I pass values that customers entered to external sites using hubspot form submission by using query string or Post method?

My form is here:

I just need the values to be auto-populated to external website once it’s redirecting. Is there any way to achieve my purpose?

Appreciate your help!


@wlyu9248 The best way to handle this would be to have a custom form that on submits posts to both HubSpot and your external site. The HubSpot form itself won’t post elsewhere. You could look into creating a webhook from the HubSpot UI in the workflows tool that could send the data to an external server to pre-populate that site in addition.


Does the best way mean I need to create custom html module for that form? If we do that, is there any way to view submission rate or customer data within hubspot?

For the other method you mentioned about webhook, will HubSpot Form and HubSpot workflow (trigger a webhook) work together to POST data to the external site? Does that mean I don’t have to create custom html form?

Thank you!


@wlyu9248 The webhook can post to an external server that can update the site. It won’t update the site directly.

Is the page you have the form on hosted by HubSpot?