Posting data on Hubspot form redirect


We are a SAAS company and we have a free sign up form for our product. We would like the form to exists in Hubspot (so that we can do A/B Testing, etc.) but post data to our Saas domain (i.e. We initially tried doing this via a form redirect from Hubspot but we realized that on a re-direct, the data does not get posted to the Saas domain.

Next we tried replacing the Hubspot form with raw HTML and put in the Saas domain in the action attribute of the form. This works like a charm but the conversion event does not get captured in Hubspot.

Is there a better way to do this? We know that there is an option to read the submissionID in the URL after Hubspot Redirect and use the API to pull form data however, we are looking for another solution that would require fewer integration.

Thank you!


Hi @Hadas_Shahak,

The usual recommendations given in circumstances that a form submission should trigger some process external from HubSpot are ::

A) The form submits data directly to external infrastructure where the relevant process can be triggered, and then the Forms API is utilised to send the submission to HubSpot (which will update the relevant fields as well as record the form submission)

B) Use a HubSpot form as normal, and then post-submission pass the contact through a Workflow with a webhook to pass the contact record to the external system, which can then parse the relevant data and do what needs to be done.

Let me know if you feel either of these suggestions will work for your use case.


Thank you so much @kfischmann! We ended up going with the first option you mentioned and it worked!
I really appreciate your help.


Hi @Hadas_Shahak, great to hear you sorted it out! You’re welcome :slight_smile: