Practical Exercise preventing Certification Completion


I have run into an issue where the practical exercise Track Your Backlink Email Outreach Automatically is not marking as completed in Hubspot even though all the steps have been completed. This is preventing certification from being completed even though the test has been successfully completed. I have waited well over the 24 hours it states it will take to completely connect.

I have tried disabling the link and re-enabling. I have tried deleting all cookies and browser history. Still, no luck. Is there anyone that can assist me with resolving this issue.


Hi @Danimator2_2018,

I'd recommend reaching out on the HubSpot Community forum related to the learning center; this forum is focused on the HubSpot APIs & developer experience. You can find the learning center HubSpot Community forum here:


Thanks Derek for your feedback. Is there a way to delete this post here so it doesn't cause future issues?


Hi @Danimator2_2018,

I generally leave posts like this up so that future community members with similar questions can find it and get pointed in the right direction, but you're welcome to delete the post if you prefer. You should be able to click the ellipse at the bottom right of your original post, and then select the trash can from the list of options that appear.