Predictive Contact Score Cutoff


I am trying to get all of the Predictive Lead Score values for a contact over time. For every contact that has a lead score (some don’t), the earliest recorded score has a timestamp of 2015-12-11.
What would be causing this? Is it possible that the Predictive Lead Scoring wasn’t implemented for my contacts until this date? Or is there some date for which the API cuts off the values returned for certain properties?
The same contacts that have Lead Scores cut off at 2015-12-11 have some other properties with entries showing timestamps before this date (like list memberships).


Hi @bwh58

Predictive lead scoring is something that needs to be set up and enabled on your portal, so it’s most likely that scoring wasn’t set up until that date:

The history for properties will store the last 250 values for the property, regardless of how old those previous version are. The only time you’d see a previous version be removed is if you set a 251st value for the property, so previous versions do not get removed after a period of time.