Prevent Hidden Fields From Pre-filling in Forms


Hey there,

We commonly store the last touch UTM data in a custom cookie and pre-fill hidden fields with this data to gain increased insight on attribution and campaign performance.

I realized that when the “Pre-fill fields” option is enabled inside the form settings that it also pre-fills the hidden fields with the last value submitted.

It would be nice if the pre-fill only pre-filled visible fields - most of the time hidden fields are dynamically changed for specific reasons and shouldn’t be pre-filled.


HI @derekcavaliero,

I can totally see this use case. Currently, you’ll need to use javascript to clear these hidden inputs and/or populate them with the desired values. I’d recommend posting to the Ideas Forum (though you already know that). Since this use case is developer centric, I’d recommend linking to your post here so that other members of the Developer forum can easily find it.